Omaha, NE - Perk Restore is a fast setting, low odor, two-component advanced polymer resin designed for patching and repairing concrete. Perk Restore's very thin consistency and high bonding properties allow it to penetrate deep into concrete and create a tenacious bond for a permanent repair. Restore quickly sets and can be ground within 30 minutes to repair worn, spalled and cracked concrete.

Perk Restore is commonly used to patch small or deep spalls, pop-outs, to reconstruct damaged joint walls, and to fill joints and cracks in concrete. Restore can also be used for hairline cracks and nail holes, to prepare concrete floors for coatings, overlayments or cement based toppings and for mechanical polishing.

Features and Benefits

  • Low viscosity, self priming
  • Rapidly repairs cracks and shallow spalls
  • Ideal for quick turnaround
  • Does not become brittle over time like epoxy
  • Can be used with or without aggregate
  • High impact and wear resistance
  • Works in cold applications below zero F

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