Here at Chem.Info, we come across a lot of chemical-related conspiracies. We've selected five that are as interesting as they are controversial.

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1. Chemtrails: Some believe that chemicals sprayed from planes being used by government agencies for weather modification and geoengineering experiments.

2. Flouride: Journalist Christopher Bryson belives that flouride is a protected pollutant, pushed onto the public by various flouride-related industries.

3. Aspartame: The artificial sweetener is blamed by some for the increase in brain tumors and neurological disorders. 

4. Monsanto: The world's largest genetically engineered seed company is the subject of numerous conspiracies, one of which suggests that the FDA is allowing Monsanto to sell unsafe foods. 

5. Food Irradiation: Alex Jones supports almost every conspiracy ever conceived. Here, amongst the ranting, he appears to believe that food irradiation is used by eugenicists to remove nutritional value from our food.

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