$527.00 ea + freight

The VFD-55 is our standard 55 gallon drum adsorber for vapor phase applications, SVE Systems, Odor Control, Air Stripper Off-gas Treatment, Storage Tank Purge, Pilot Study etc. Drums are filled with 4mm pellet Activated Carbon from coal or GAC from virgin coconut shell. Our AFD-55 are for liquid phase applications and are the same size and price. Call for a delivered price quotation - we have had only one 15% price increase since 1996!! CALL NOW 530-528-1361

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Saunemin WTF Activated Carbon Adsorption System.  Two 5,000 lbs capacity Activated Carbon Adsorbers for series, parallel, backflush, isolation, regeneration and shutdown modes of flow. Call...

Inventory of all standard grades of coal and coconut shell Activated Carbon for immediate delivery nationwide, HI and Guam.

Two (2) 8,000 lbs Activated Carbon Adsorbers for Duplex Lead/Lag system for Lake County CA WTP Supplied and assembled for new WTP, piping manifold for series, parallel, backflush, isolation and ...