HPAF-20000 Activated Carbon Adsorber

The HPAF-20000 is rated to 800 gpm liquid flow at up to 150 psig (hydrostatic pressure tested). Each ASME code pressure filter receives a 2 part polyamide epoxy resin internal coating and epoxy mastic factory finish (any other NSF coating available upon request). Custom features include SS internal screens, sample ports and fusion epoxy lined piping manifolds with automatically actuated control valves!

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Inventory of all standard grades of coal and coconut shell Activated Carbon for immediate delivery nationwide, HI and Guam.

Two (2) 8,000 lbs Activated Carbon Adsorbers for Duplex Lead/Lag system for Lake County CA WTP Supplied and assembled for new WTP, piping manifold for series, parallel, backflush, isolation and ...

Duplex Lead/Lag/Parallel flow Activated Carbon Adsorption System for Lake County CA USA WTP. Piping manifold for series, parallel, backflush, isolation and shutdown modes of flow. Delivered and ...