New Star Environmental introduces the Frog-4000, a fully contained purge and trap GC system with analytical capabilities that are comparable to a commercial lab with the advantage of its compact size. The hand-held GC is designed for real-time portable analysis of VOCs in water, soil, and air. This unit can be used as a portable GC PID for environmental testing in the field, in a mobile lab, portable lab, or in a commercial environmental lab. The system has a micro preconcentrator, micro GC column, and a photoionization detector (PID). The FROG-4000 scrubs ambient air to use as the carrier gas. The display screen provides a chromatogram of VOC identification and concentration in PPB of analyte. Analysis results are available in only five minutes. The SD cards store field analyses with chromatography software for data analyses and it can perform a complete real-time GC analysis while connected to a laptop.

Capabilities include but are not limited to:


  • BTEX                      
  • TCE             
  • PCE             
  • Benzene       
  • Pharmaceutical VOCs                     
  • Non methane organic compounds (NMVOCs)
  • Priority Pollutants                            
  • Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs)




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