Beta Tools of Italy created a new line of hand tools made from 420 stainless steel called the Beta INOX. The Beta INOX product line includes combination wrenches, hex key wrenches and screwdrivers for 2014 but the company has plans to expand the product line in the near future. Since carbon steel tools can lose their chrome finish over time, they have the potential of leaving rust deposits on the equipment they are used on. Stainless steel tools are pure stainless and do not have outside coating so they never have to worry about losing their rust protection.

The Beta INOX line was developed for a growing demand in the following industries:

  • Food Processing and Food Equipment Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical and Bio-Tech Processing
  • Laboratories and Clean Room Environments
  • Petrochemical, Wind and Solar
  • Marine Repair and Ship Builing


Beta Tools of Italy