Introducing the newest member of Balluff‘s magnetic field sensors - the BMF 243 drop-in C-slot sensor. The new BMF 243 compact sensor offers high performance reserves for cylinders with both weak as well as with strong magnets and offers high repeat accuracy and small hysteresis. Thanks to its small dimensions of 3.8 x 24 x 3 mm, it’s the ideal choice for particularly small grippers and cylinders with C-slots. With its integrated bracket, the sensor is simply inserted into the slot from above, fitting completely into the cylinder without protruding.  The BMF 243 is supplied with a cable clip that guarantees optimum strain relief and secures cable routing.

Features of the new BMF 243 sensor:

  • Installs from above for easy drop-in installation
  • Superior holding strength
  • Miniature design for short stroke cylinders
  • Precise, accurate switch point
  • Short circuit, overload and reverse polarity protected 



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