Mag Drive pumps from Moyno are progressing cavity wobble stator pumps that offer magnetic drives. The patented sealless, magnetic drive design provides zero leakage for applications using sodium hypochlorite, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, ferric chloride or aluminum chloride. These pumps can handle toxic, aggressive, caustic, flammable and explosive fluids. The proprietary progressing cavity mag drive pump ensures operator safety, eliminates work place hazard and protects the environment from contamination. 

Product features include:

  •   No mechanical seals, eliminating costly repairs
  •   Pulsation-free, low shear pumping action to maintain product integrity
  •   Reliable magnetic coupling that establishes a static seal aligning an outer drive magnet with an inner driven magnet within a stationary containment shell
  •   No vapor locking when handling gaseous, volatile liquids
  •   Four models from which to choose for application versatility
  •   Flow rates from 0.1 to 900 GPH
  •   Materials of construction include PVC housings 
  •   Variety of stator materials that include Nitrile or EPDM with optional FPM stators and titanium rotors
  •   Skid mounted, turnkey systems for one-stop, hassle-free shopping, saving time and money