Triatek’s latest technological innovation, the Universal Valve Module (UVM), provides facility managers and engineers increased configuration options for renovations or new installations of pressure control systems in critical care environments.

  • When mated to a Triatek Venturi Valve, the UVM equipped Venturi Valve can be controlled by any controller providing a 0-10V output or a Modbus connection
  • Can be used on both LON and BACnet BAS networks
  • More options than ever when designing a system 
  • Controllers and valves are able to communicate irrespective of the manufacturer of the controller
  • Can only be obtained as an option to the Triatek Venturi Valve which comes in 8”, 10”, 12” and 14” sizes
  • Can also be specified with Heresite or Kynar coating
  • Can be ordered with either an aluminum or stainless steel shell
  • Shut-off and Low Pressure valves are also available with the Universal Valve Module