Rockwell Automation, Inc. introduces a smart motor controller that addresses the motor control needs of OEMs and end-users seeking a more economical alternative to drives and more advanced control than across-the-line starters. The controller is designed for customer flexibility and combines advanced monitoring and protection features.

  • Newly designed three-phase, fully solid-state, silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) power structure
  • Multiple start and stop options and expandable control inputs and outputs, helping users increase efficiency, reduce downtime and improve control
  • Rated at 200V-690V AC and with software from 90 to 520 amps
  • Nine standard starting modes, six stopping modes and several slow-speed functions
  • Advanced power monitoring and diagnostics resulting in highly scalable user-configurable faults and alarms, including motor overload protection, over/under voltage, stall protection, over/under power, jam detection, over/under current, excessive starts, current and voltage imbalance, power frequency protection, power factor protection, and preventative maintenance faults and alarms
  • Energy saver, motor winding heater, and the snapshot and event log features, which capture fault, alarm and operational history