Alfa Laval's BaseLine is a range of plate heat exchangers for less sensitive fluid milk, beverage or water applications that still require the precise combination of temperature and holding time to ensure safe and accurate heating and cooling — with application versatility ranging from utility heating to dairy pasteurization.

  • Large plate surface area allows for optimal heat transfer efficiency while lowering pressure drops
  • Long, narrow plate geometry along with chevron patented flow distribution area eliminates dead spots
  • Extremely hygienic heat exchanger
  • Fitted with FDA compliant glue-less gaskets
  • All plates are reversible and have parallel flow
  • Heavy-duty frame holds the plate pack on an upper and lower carrying bar
  • Reinforced by a support column 
  • All frames are constructed with solid stainless steel
  • Rated with a maximum operating pressure of 145 psi and temperature of 302° F
  • Fully 3-A and FDA compliant with four sizes to choose from: Base-3, Base-6, Base-10 and Base-11
  • Port connections include 1”, 2”, 3” and 4” sizes