The MINI Analog family from Phoenix Contact now includes two universal software-programmable temperature transducers. These transducers convert and condition signals from most of the common resistance temperature detectors (RTD), as well as thermocouple temperature sensors.

  • Offer a wide power circuit input range of 9.6 to 30 V DC
  • Easy implementation into battery powered or remote systems
  • Low transmission error of 0.1 percent means high level accuracy for the customer
  • Compatible with sensors with customer-specific temperature curves and sensors that meet international standards
  • Has a 6.2-mm thin housing and T-bus power bus capabilities that save space and drastically reduce installation time
  • Hot-swappable signal conditioning slices simply clip to the powering T-bus connector without the need to remove bus bars or bridging
  • Optional quick cabling solutions are also available to interface the MINI Analog modules to controllers, greatly reducing installation time