igusĀ® has given its micro cable carriers a facelift. Neat design features, such as a new double-stop dog system, make the latest E2 Micro chain even sturdier and quieter than its predecessors. The E2 Micro range is made up of small one or two-part cable carriers, designed especially for restricted spaces.

  • Lightweight making them suitable for highly dynamic applications, such as on automatic doors, handling equipment or pick-and-place robots
  • A double-stop dog system enables the E2-15 to withstand loads of up to 100 percent more than any of the other chains in the range
  • Self-supporting travel of up to 25 percent more, or four feet, is also now possible in even the most restricted of spaces
  • Boast a smooth, cable-friendly interior and a built-in damper, which helps to curb noise and guarantees a smooth operation
  • Can be mounted to a machine in any direction 
  • Available in three different designs, they can be delivered completely enclosed or open on either the inner or outer radius