Chevron Products Company introduces its new GSTĀ® Premium 32 turbine oil. The new oil has exceptional thermal and oxidative stability and meets strict requirements of a wide variety of turbine OEMs, including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Siemens and Alstom.

  • Well suited for power generation applications in markets like petrochemical production, utilities and heavy industry
  • Specifically formulated for use in turbines where extreme temperatures are experienced
  • Offers oxidation and thermal stability for long service life at severe temperatures with minimal deposit formation and excellent varnish control
  • Rust and corrosion protection
  • High viscosity index to help ensure minimum viscosity change when variations in temperature occur
  • Minimum foaming to help prevent sump overflow or erratic governor operation 
  • Fast air release to minimize possibility of pump cavitation in systems with high circulation rates and lesser residence time 
  • Rapid water separation to facilitate water removal
  • Hydraulic fluid service for systems requiring an ISO 32 viscosity oil and pressures not exceeding 1000 psi