Micronor introduces the MRI-compatible fiber optic absolute rotary encoder system. The all-optical, non-metallic MR338 passive sensor provides precision absolute angular measurement from 0° to 360° with 13-bit (8192 count) resolution and 12-bit multi-turn tracking.

  • Duplex multimode fiber optic link connects the passive MR338 Sensor to the active MR330 Controller Module installed outside the MRI area
  • Designed for use in functional-MRI research, MRI training phantoms, EMC test facilities and other challenging electromagnetic environments where EMF and RF transparency is required
  • Uses a novel optical technique
  • Controller transmits a burst of light to the code disk in the sensor which accurately modulates the spectral components of the light based on angular position
  • Position information is imprinted in the optical spectrum of the light and guided back to the controller for a precise position readout
  • Sensor requires no electrical power and houses no electronic components whatsoever
  • Built-in interfaces include SSI, USB, RS485, RS232, Modbus RTU, programmable digital set points and analog outputs (4-20mA and ±10V)
  • DIN-rail mount module operates from 24 VDC and supports encoder links extending up to 2500 meters