The LM-18-4X150RT-RB 18 Foot Telescoping LED Light Mast from Larson Electronics is a powerful and versatile extendable tower lighting system that provides operators with the ability to quickly and effectively illuminate large sites over 2 acres in size.

  • Rugged tower assembly constructed of heavy gauge steel, four 150 watt LED lamp heads, and a rotating base assembly
  • Fitted with four independently adjustable 150 watt LED lamp assemblies that provide 48,000 lumens of intense light output, enough to effectively illuminate and area 2.5 acres in size
  • Designed for use in demanding conditions
  • Waterproof and sealed against the intrusion of dust and dirt, making them well suited to abusive industrial and outdoor construction applications
  • Tower operates from 12 volt DC current and pulls approximately 5 amps, making it easily powered by portable power sources such as rechargeable battery packs, heavy equipment, and vehicle electrical systems without producing excessive battery drain
  • Tower assembly is constructed from powder coated steel and consists of a 10 foot long lower section and a 9 foot upper section with 1 foot of overlap for strength and rigidity
  • Tower collapses and folds over for easy transport and is elevated using a pair of 1,000 pound rated hand winches
  • Lower winch raises the tower from the folded position, and an upper winch extends the upper boom to the desired height