A new 36-page, color handbook — the AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Ring Motor Repair Handbook — describes best practices for protecting motor bearings from electrical damage.  Available from Electro Static Technology, manufacturer of AEGIS® shaft grounding rings, the book explains how to diagnose electrical bearing damage caused by variable frequency drives (VFDs), also known as inverters.  

  • Explain in detail best practices for preventing such damage to motors of various sizes and horsepower ratings
  • Ideal for plant maintenance personnel as well as motor repair shops
  • Available in PDF format for downloading free of charge at 
  • AEGIS® Bearing Protection Rings channel VFD-induced bearing currents safely to ground
  • Continuous circumferential rows of conductive microfibers embedded securely in the ring’s patented AEGIS® FiberLock™ channel completely surround the motor shaft and provide millions of discharge points for harmful shaft currents
  • Unique design creates the path of least resistance that effectively diverts these currents away from bearings to ground