MG America now offers the Farmo Res Prima K7-Food Thermoformer for the portion packaging of "liquid" food products such as jam, honey, sauces and spreadables. The Prima K7-Food has an output of up to 600 packs per minute, depending on tub dimensions and dosing volume. 

  • Handles multiple stages of the packaging process, including small tub forming, pre-cutting, dosing, sealing, and cutting
  • Produce a variety of portion pack shapes including round, oval and square – as well as customized casts 
  • Can dispense a wide range of dosing volumes
  • Dosing is performed with special nozzles to handle lumps or granules in certain liquid food items
  • Ergonomic build is especially advantageous
  • Balcony-constructed frame provides maximum access to all packaging areas and allows for easy cleaning
  • Offers forming and loading capabilities from the operator side, resulting in a more compact forming module and easier changeover procedures
  • Flexible design affords the ability to modify its loading system to handle solid products