Crystal Engineering has added a selection of field-proven, high-quality pressure pumps from AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments. The durable and lightweight pumps already are popular among test and calibration professional.

  • Adapted to mate with Crystal pressure fittings (CPF)
  • CPF is an improved cone-type fitting system that adds a unique O-ring sealing system that permits leak-free connections without tools
  • CPF fittings and hoses come with an industry first 4:1 safety factor and self-venting weep hole that alerts users before they disconnect from a pressurized system
  • T-975-CPF pneumatic hand pump (-27 inHG to 580 psi) generates pressure and vacuum with precision and ease
  • T-620H-CPF high-pressure, hydraulic hand pump (0 to 5000 psi) provides a compact pressure source for any environment and works with petroleum-based oils and hydraulic fluids
  • P-018-CPF hydraulic comparator (0 to 5000 psi), which produces pressure with superior control
  • T-1-CPF high-volume hydraulic comparator that is capable of producing pressures up to 15 000 psi
  • GaugeCalXP pressure comparator