Rockwell Automation's Software PharmaSuite v5.0 system for pharmaceutical and biotech production, sets new standards for manufacturing execution system (MES) performance in automation, risk management, cost reduction and regulatory compliance.

  • Delivers a single MES solution with the agility to integrate and streamline production not only across multiple production areas and product lines, but also from line to site level. 
  • Improved integration with production equipment
  • Automated batch processing using the PharmaSuite Recipe Designer
  • System automatically collects data directly from production equipment, provides automation set points, monitors automation events, and integrates process information into the electronic batch record to reduce the risk for human error that can result from manual data collection
  • Uses a new equipment modeler to define the underlying model 
  • Optimize integration across the range of manufacturing types, including biological, secondary, active, discrete assembly, weigh and dispense, and packaging
  • Redefines assembling and supporting nonorder-related work flows that traditionally require custom programming by a systems integrator
  • Using S88-recipe design principles, enables the on-site end user or recipe author to create new work flows on their own, in just minutes, by re-using existing building blocks