Boston Gear and Bauer Gear Motor inline helical gear drives and gear motors are low-maintenance, dimensional drop-in replacements for major competetive products. The units are ideal for use in high-torque applications with continuous or high-duty cycle operations, high-ratio reduction and limited access installations where long life is a necessity.

  • Unique mounting registers for fast installation with a front-mounting face and field-installable output flange that enhance mounting flexibility
  • Large output shaft diameters and torque ranges up to 39,000 (4400 Nm) with high-quality bearings for long life 
  • Specially designed fans and fan covers for quieter operation
  • Rounded housing surfaces for easier cleaning, premium acrylic paint pigmented with 316 stainless steel flake for high corrosion and abrasion resistance, and integrated O-rings for high leak and ingress resistance
  • Automatic entrapment of wear debris, large diameter oil fill/drain holes and synthetic lubrication
  • Efficient ground helical gearing (98% per gear mesh), increased tooth contact area and inverter-rated for use with VFDs
  • CE, CSA and UR certified and meet or exceed EISA 2007 efficiency requirements with a Class 1, Div 2, Groups B/C/D/T3C rated enclosure