The launch of a new thermoforming homopolymer polypropylene (PP) offers excellent aesthetics, high quality and faster throughput to converters. Polychim’s homopolymer PP grade HA31XTF draws on the unique benefits of Milliken’s nucleating innovation, Hyperform® HPN-600ei.

  • Overcomes the performance trade-offs associated with conventional nucleated PP homopolymers in thermoforming applications
  • Stimulates an improvement in the aesthetics of final parts
  • Achieves superior transparency and reduces yellowing for thermoformed goods compared to traditional nucleated homopolymers
  • HA31XTF offers balanced physical properties, including favorable stiffness/impact balance and isotropic shrinkage behavior that avoids warpage
  • Combination of Polychim’s resin technology with the high crystallization temperature and isotropic shrinkage behavior provided by Milliken’s Hyperform HPN-600ei nucleator also gives the possibility for thermoformers to improve productivity by up to 10% and reduce costs
  • Grade is aimed at clear PP & opaque thermoformed applications such as food packaging