NVision's HandHeld laser scanner ensures the dimensional integrity of extremely complicated castings and is used in roadway light emitting diode (LED) fixtures. With the NVision HandHeld laser scanner, users can obtain the complete 3D geometry of a casting and compare it to the design intent to determine not only if the part meets the design intent but also whether it is trending in the correct direction.

  • The scanner evaluates many of its LED solid state lighting components
  • Portable scanning device 
  • Capable of capturing 3D geometry
  • Attached to a mechanical arm that moves about the object, freeing the user to capture data rapidly and with a high degree of resolution
  • Optional tripod provides complete portability in the field
  • Intuitive software allows full model editing, polygon reduction, and data output to all standard 3D packages
  • Software allows users to compare the scan data of parts against the CAD model
  • Comprehensive inspection reports including color deviation plots, GD&T, 2D dimensions, flush and gap, animations or application-specific dimensions such as turbine blade measurements are available as output