National Bulk Equipment, Inc.'s bulk bag unloader system handles highly caustic, severely agglomerated material, and operates as a closed process. It ensures the protection of operators from migrant, airborne material and eliminating the possibility for contamination of material in-process.

  • Highly compressible material requires integrated bulk bag conditioning to provide sufficient material supply
  • Sequential, 4-stage process
  • Hydraulic de-blocking rams each with 28,000 pounds of force
  • Hydraulic massage paddles each with 2,200 pounds of paddle pressure
  • An E3™ enclosed, bag spout interface to collect dust and aid discharge
  • Automatic bulk bag loop retractors to ensure complete material discharge, work together to condition the material from football-sized chunks to ¼-inch, or smaller particles
  • Enclosed system conveys the material downstream at a rate of 18,000 pounds per hour