Portescap introduces the 22ECS brushless motor designed to deliver exceptional efficiency in high speed applications. The 22ECS runs up to 30 percent cooler than similar motors, at speeds greater than 50K RPM.

  • Constructed with a new enhanced high efficiency magnetic circuit that drastically reduces both iron and recirculation losses 
  • Patent pending motor coil achieves higher available torque and mechanical power than similar high speed motors in the market, up to 160 watt or 45 mNm of continuous torque
  • Brushless slotless motor stays much cooler
  • Offers greater power density than equivalent models at a given operating point
  • Uses unique high performance lubrication and ball bearings to extend motor life and maximize performance at high speeds
  • Motor’s efficiency allows battery operated applications to run longer between charging cycles and can reduce the size of the battery needed,