Ritron, Inc.'s Quick Talkā„¢ RQT is an industrial-grade radio transmitter with sensor inputs and voice recording storage that automatically alerts radio-equipped personnel when plant conditions change.

  • Accepts inputs from up to 4 switches or sensors
  • Monitors conditions so that when a change is detected, a pre-recorded message alerts plant personnel to that specific sensor variance
  • Virtually any sensor or switch input can be accommodated
  • Technology monitors conditions like an emergency button, liquid level, temperature, vibration, power interruption, door ajar, obstructions and others found in process plants
  • Gasketed and sealed, polycarbonate enclosure offers built-in mounting flanges
  • Operate stand-alone on 6 AA batteries
  • Can be powered externally by an optional 110V AC adapter
  • Available with a 2 Watt transmitter or a 120 mWatt transmitter