TLV CORPORATION's V1P piston trap station features a forged steel body with a rugged, compact, and versatile design. They help minimize installation area and easily adapt to plant PMA requirements.  

  • Alternative to the V1 bellows sealed trap station at a more competitive price point
  • Employs a high performance CLASS 800 piston valve 
  • Upper and lower valve rings made of alternating layers of stainless steel and graphite that provide tight sealing, suitable for PMA to 725 psig and PMO 725 psig
  • QuickTrap® 2-bolt universal connector permiting trap unit replacement in minutes without disturbing piping
  • Built-in screen with large surface area helps promote trouble free operation
  • Optional BD2 blowdown valve is available on some models for trap station blowdown and trap testing, helping to obtain a zero energy condition