The Baumer Group's LBFS multi-purpose level sensor is designed to recognize and monitor all types of liquids stored in containers and tanks in the beverage industry. The unit offers specific settings that allow it to ignore adherent liquids like sticky syrups and adhesive foams that can cause inaccurate reading with conventional level switches.

  • A hygienic version of this product is certified to EHEDG and 3A standards
  • Unit employs frequency sweep technology to distinguish between liquid levels and adherent residues
  • Measures the medium-specific permeability of the electrical field of the actual liquid target material
  • Unit can distinguish the liquid from any adherent residue, eliminating the risk that a connected pump will run dry due to an inaccurate reading
  • Hygienic version features a 1.4404 stainless steel housing and matching PM023 weld-in boss
  • Sensor tip is made of a specifically-approved PEEK plastic that protrudes only 18 mm into the container or tube to avoid flow blockages or undesirable shadow casting