The new Mosten FT005 is a bimodal polypropylene homopolymer (hPP) resin incorporating Milliken’s unique Hyperform HPN-600ei nucleating innovation with an antistatic agent. The grade brings significantly improved transparency and a glossy surface to end-products, leading to better aesthetic appeal.

  • Significantly ups the aesthetics and processing performance of thermoformed rigid packaging, such as beverage cups, yogurt pots and trays
  • Its well-balanced processing properties ease parts production for converters
  • Hyperform HPN-600ei nucleation technology improves transparency in polypropylene by enhancing the crystallization process
  • Creates an attractive ‘fresher’ look that is noticeable in both single and stacked parts produced with the grade
  • Increased speed of crystallization induced by HPN-600ei
  • Antistatic agent incorporated into the resin along with the Milliken additive eases the demolding of finished parts improving dimensional stability 
  • Result of intensive co-operation between Unipetrol, its R&D center Polymer Institute Brno (PIB) and Milliken