The new OhmGuard® hose-continuity tester from Newson Gale, is designed to continuously ensure that a string of assembled hoses are safely grounded to the transferring vehicle during operations that may produce potentially combustible gas, vapor or dust atmospheres.

  • In practice, operates as a simple straight-forward "pass or fail" test
  • Operator will first securely ground the vehicle and then assemble and connect the required number of hose sections
  • Tester is attached to the free coupling or nozzle of the last hose connection and to a confirmed grounding point on the vehicle
  • If the total electrical resistance through the string of hoses is below the accepted standard of 100 ohms for multi-segment hoses, a green LED mounted on the OhmGuard® clamp will pulse continuously
  • If there is a break in the continuity the pulsing will cease, warning the operator of the danger
  • North American (cCSAus) certified in classes I, II and III