MecWash Systems introduces the Duo 400 — a compact, fully automatic and self-contained aqueous cleaning system that meets the highest “visually clean and dry” cleanliness and inspection standards. Ideal for cell-manufacturing or within a centralized layout, the Duo 400 measures just 60” (W) x 64” (D) x 89” (H) so it occupies a small footprint.

  • Versatile single chamber rotational cleaning system features immersion/spray wash, spray rinse and hot air dry
  • Proven MecWash aqueous technology cleans without solvents or emissions
  • Effective cleaning both large and small components in purpose-built fixtures or standard size stainless steel baskets and plastic totes
  • Includes over 100 high volume jets that thoroughly penetrate and saturate the workload at over 130 gallons per minute
  • Temperature of both the wash and rinse waters can be set at the operator’s discretion between 140º-190ºF
  • Full rotation of the workload at 3 rpm exposes all surfaces to the wash and rinse solutions