Leak-proof molded manifold connections for single use process systems are available from AdvantaPure. The manifolds are used in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing for batch-filling and sampling applications. Molded manifolds are used as single use system components.

  • Guaranteed leak proof molded manifold connections are custom made from platinum-cured, USP Class VI silicone tubing and molded fittings in Class7 (Class 10,000) ISO-certified clean rooms under the highest quality controls
  • Eliminate many barbed fitting junctions and their potential for leaks and contamination
  • Reduce the risk of a wasted batch of costly pharmaceutical product 
  • Provide a smooth inner surface for even, unrestricted flow
  • Arrive pre-assembled and can be supplied ready to install
  • Reduce the number of inventoried parts needed as compared to those used in customer-assembled tubing sets
  • Increase operator safety in work environments involving live viruses and vaccines
  • Connection styles include tee, wye, cross and reducer in sizes ranging from 0.188” through 1” I.D. 
  • Other components such as filters, bags, bottles, sensors, BioClosure® stoppers and container closures may be assembled onto the manifold for a complete, ready-to-use system