Moyno┬« 500 grinder pumps feature compact, lightweight designs that combine an efficient solids reduction unit with a high performance progressing cavity pump. Ideal for marine septic systems, environmental clean-up, marine oil spills, industrial wastes and raw sewage transfer.

  • Replaceable carbide tips on the cast iron cutter disc rotate against a stationary, hardened tool-steel cutter ring
  • Stringy fibers and other debris are reduced to regular particle sizes which prevent ragging and blockages in downstream process equipment
  • Includes a molded, elastomeric wobble stator that increases the compression fit with the rotor for superior volumetric efficiency
  • Flow rates to 15 gpm
  • Discharge pressures to 100 psi
  • Prelubricated, fully sealed ball bearings
  • Carbon/ceramic mechanical seal
  • NPT suction and discharge ports
  • ANSI compatible tank mounting flange