NewAge Industries offers Vitube tubing made of Dupont Performance Elastomer’s Viton synthetic rubber. The material provides a wide range of chemical resistance along with superior performance, especially at high temperatures. Applications include fuel and oil lines, chemical transfer, peristaltic pumps, appliances, seals and o-rings, automotive fluids, hot lubrication and solvents. 

  • Flexibility and good mechanical properties of conventional synthetic rubbers
  • Heat and chemical resistance go well beyond the range of other rubber materials
  • Handles temperatures between -30°F and 400°F
  • Has withstood temperatures as high as 600°F (315°C) for limited time periods
  • Certain fluids can act as solvents on rubber, disintegrating the material and leading to tubing failure. Vitube 
  • Withstands many fluids that can act as solvents on rubber, even when temperatures are elevated
  • 100%-virgin Viton material and contains no regrind or blends of other elastomers
  • Matte black in color and available in both type A and type B formulations