Advertisement released several new Gigabit networking products which enable users to integrate GbE technology into an existing infrastructure. The line-up of new Gigabit Ethernet products include ETCHS2U, ET1110PSE, PEX1000SFP and ST2000PEXPSE.

  • The ETCHS2U is 20-Slot, 2U Rackmount Media Converter Chassis, compatible with ET Series 2 media converters enabling users to consolidate fiber media converters into a network rack or cabinet
  • Features include built-in 200W power supply, two optional cooling fans
  • ET1110PSE is an open-SFP Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Media Converter which creates an Ethernet-Fiber link while acting as a Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) device
  • Features include open-SFP slot design that allows users to install the SFP of choice
  • PEX1000SFP is a PCI-Express-based Gigabit Fiber Network Card letting users connect a PC to a fiber network, using the Gigabit SFP of choice
  • ST2000PEXPSE is a Dual-Port Gigabit Network Card which adds two PSE-capable Power-over-Ethernet Gigabit ports to a PC through a PCI Express expansion slot