Northwest Analytics manufactures a next-generation enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) solution that provides complete data source integration and real-time process analytics and visibility.

  • Two unique accelerating modules: KnowledgeBase and Collaboration
  • These improve a user’s ability to accumulate and disseminate knowledge across the entire enterprise
  • Allows collaboration across geographically dispersed manufacturing operations to pinpoint and quickly resolve issues and share best practices
  • Supports all commercial databases for chemical manufacturing
  • Directly accessing data where it ‘lives,’ combining data from multiple sources and applying analytics in real-time to support and drive smart operational decisions
  • System-wide KnowledgeBase module consolidates process, quality and problem-solving knowledge in a single, discoverable database supporting shared knowledge and best practices across plant and global operations
  • Cloud-based Collaboration module quickly mobilizes expertise and experience across the enterprise to solve critical production issues
  • Asynchronous communication integrates graphics, pictures, text, documents, and video to seamlessly share important, complex information