Noren Products, Inc.'s Compact Cabinet Coolers cool electronics to slightly above the outside ambient air temperature with air-to-air models, or install air-to-water units for below ambient cooling. It maintains a NEMA 12 air and dust tight seal with standard models, and NEMA 3R, 4 or 4X can be maintained with other models.

  • Air is circulated inside the cabinet to keep hot spots from forming
  • Flange and neoprene gasket keep contaminants out; ideal for dusty and dirty environments. No outside air enters the enclosure
  • NEMA 4/4X models include washdown fans, allowing for safe hosedown or sterilization processes to continue
  • Corrosion resistant coatings and optional stainless steel construction protect against damage from harsh or corrosive environments
  • Easy to install on the top, sides, front or back of panel or enclosure. One person can easily install in one hour in most applications.
  • Energy efficient and low power requirement; no new electrical is needed
  • UL/cUL Listed models available for 508a applications
  • Freon free