METTLER TOLEDO's PinMount TM weigh module features the digital POWERCELL® PDX® load cells. The PinMountTM weigh module offers true predictive maintenance, simplified and reliable communication and watertight load cells that work even when submerged.

  • Incorporated POWERCELL® PDX® load cells host an on-board microprocessor to monitor internal and external influences that affect weighing accuracy
  • Compensates for temperature changes, vibrations, hysteresis and non-linearity, providing extraordinarily accurate results
  • Breach-detection system alerts users if the enclosure is damaged by accidental puncture or tampering
  • Alerts users to replace a load cell before moisture causes weighing errors or scale failure, increasing uptime and preventing loss of raw material and bad batches
  • Load cells connect to each other in a simple network, eliminating junction boxes. Electronic components are protected inside hermetically sealed load-cell enclosures
  • Load cell, including all cables and connectors, is water-tight, effectively sealing the entire network against moisture according to IP68 standards