National Bulk Equipment, Inc. introduces the ProductSaver® line of product recovery systems specifically designed to provide automated, controlled removal of free-flowing liquids or flow-resistant wet contents from their packaging.

  • Enables reclaim of contents for residual re-sale, reuse, or efficient disposal; and reclaim of packaging material for recycling, or disposal
  • Provides tangible metrics tor sustainability improvements; protects product safety; reduces material loss; and keeps labor on-task
  • Engineered to integrate with legacy processing and packaging operations
  • Also be designed to run as a self-contained wet material reclamation system
  • Combines package infeed, package opening, and contents and package separation processes into a single-stream product recovery sequence
  • Package opening occurs within the compression screw press where precision-formed, specially pitched, 304-2b stainless steel screw flights draw packages from the infeed chute into the compression sequence