The new LabStrong Fi-Streem 2S Stills from LabStrong Corporation and Fi-Streem International produce four liters of product water per hour and are available in two models, A74420LS and A74428LS. The stills consistently produce high quality ASTM Type II water and remove inorganic ions, dissolved gasses, organics, particles, bacteria, pyrogens and nucleases from water.

  • Ideal for individuals with a limited budget who need distilled water
  • Straightforward to operate and feature easy-rocker switch controls
  • Included with the still is a float switch, which allows for 24-hour automatic operation of the still when connected to the LabStrong 8 Liter Carboy (A1052LS) or 20 Liter Carboy (B00123)
  • This feature allows users to always have water readily available
  • High quality stills feature a patented vapor trap that eliminates carry-over of contaminants in the vapor-borne water droplets
  • Non-leaching glass components of the still ensure high purity water
  • have an over temperature protection device offering protection against low water conditions while extending the life of heating elements
  • Enclosed design of the still assures users safety from breakage and hot surfaces
  • Base of the still is designed to contain accidental leaks within the still