The Moyno® Max-Flow Annihilator™ Grinder System is a custom engineered headworks debris handling system that protects downstream pumps, valves and process equipment in water treatment plants and their lift stations. The system contains two or more Annihilator grinders mounted side-by-side in a stainless steel retrieval frame in the headworks of a waste treatment system. They can be installed in an in-line or a staggered or offset design to accommodate a variety of channel widths.

  • Frame is engineered-to-order and pre-fabricated
  • Includes guide rails to permit the independent retrieval of each grinder for easy maintenance
  • Steel panels can also be inserted in place of a grinder to divert the flow to the remaining grinders during maintenance, eliminating the need for costly diversion or by-pass channels
  • Stainless steel or FRP control panels can be installed to control the operation of each grinder independently using manual or automated control systems
  • Can be used in place of bar rakes and screens as well as drum screen grinders for enhanced performance
  • Fewer maintenance issues than bar rakes, bar screens, and drum screens
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Lower initial costs than competing technologies
  • Lower energy usage since all grinders in the system don’t need to operate continuously
  • Better performance in reducing the particle size of debris floating through the waste treatment system
  • Better environmental choice since all processing of debris is done underground in the lift station