Texas Instruments Incorporated introduced the first lead-acid battery management gas gauge integrated circuit with TI’s proprietary Impedance Track™ capacity measurement technology. The bq34z110 gas gauge IC, which comes in a small 14-pin package, is the industry’s only scalable power management device to support multi-cell lead-acid battery packs with battery voltages of 4 V, 12 V, 24 V, 48 V and higher.

  • Supports batteries used in mobile and stationary applications
  • 95-percent accurate monitoring for lead acid
  • The bq34z110 gauge with Impedance Track technology constantly informs a user about the battery’s state-of-health and state-of-charge
  • Maintains up to a 95-percent accurate capacity measurement for the entire life of the battery
  • Information also prevents premature shutdown, increasing the longevity of the battery and end-equipment
  • Multi-cell scalable battery gauge supports a wide range of lead acid batteries (4 V to 64 V), including large capacity batteries (1 Ahr to 65 Ahr and higher) and high-current applications (0 A to 32 A and higher)
  • 95-percent accurate battery capacity measurement with TI’s Impedance Track proprietary algorithm