Siemens introduces its new single-axis Sinamics V20 inverters for basic applications, featuring short commissioning times, easy operation and excellent cost and energy benefits. According to the company, the inverters also offer:

  • Four frame sizes covering the performance range from 1/6–20hp.
  • Suitability for operating pumps, fans, compressors and conveyor systems, as well as for simple drive tasks in the processing and handling industries.
  • The ability to be connected directly in-line and mounted as a push-through installation in addition to the conventional wall-mounting method.
  • The integrated Basic Operator Panel (BOP) enables trouble-free on-site commissioning and operation. 
  • Parameters that have been optimized for one application can easily be transferred to other units using SD or MMC cards via the BOP interface or the battery-operated Parameter Loader — even without powering up the inverter.
  • Tailored inter-connectivity and application macros (i.e. for pumps, fans and compressors) provide the correct settings for the particular application.