GM detectorsThe advanced Model IR400 Point IR combustible gas detector from General Monitors features an industry-leading three-second T90 response time to the presence of combustible hydrocarbon-based gases. According to the company:

  • With its fast three-second response time, the detector provides an added margin of safety in protecting people, equipment and plants from potentially explosive gas leaks.
  • It features rapid fail-to-safe continuous gas/vapor monitoring within the lower explosive limit (LEL). 
  • It reliably alerts plant employees to gas leaks and warns them to shut down processes in affected areas.
  • The low-maintenance detector monitors hydrocarbon-based gases including methane, propane, ethane, ethylene, butane, hexane, pentane and benzene. 
  • It features a self-diagnostic design to prevent false alarms and process shutdowns. 
  • It monitors conditions such as supply voltage and optical path integrity. 
  • It also features heated optics to eliminate condensation, and a dirty optics indicator helps discriminate between true alarms and maintenance needs.  
  • It uses only 4.8 W of power.