SiemensThe Siemens Industry Automation Division offers a new modular oven and a new operator panel with a color display for its Maxum Edition II gas chromatographs. According to the company:

  • Siemens is offering a small modular oven with space for an analysis module as well as a larger version designed for a combi-module or two small modules.
  • This modular approach increases the average availability of the gas chromatograph, while at the same time reducing maintenance overhead and operating costs.
  • The new operator panel has a large 10-inch color touch display, which makes it much easier to use the analyzer.
  • It is backward compatible and can also be retrofitted to older systems.
  • The new graphical interface provides significantly improved and intuitive menu navigation.
  • With its 'modular ovens' option, Siemens is presenting a second essential significant innovation for its gas chromatographs.
  • The smallest modular oven unit comprises a small, isothermal oven which is large enough to house a chromatographic analysis module.