Cole-Parmer ultrasonic cleanersUsing high-frequency 40 kHz sound waves, the new Cole-Parmer® ultrasonic cleaners raise the benchmark for greater cleaning power and enhanced reliability. According to the company:

  • In addition to cleaning tools, lenses, industrial parts and electronic equipment, they perform cell separation, sample preparation and degassing liquids.
  • They eliminate inconsistent cleaning with their sweep frequency, which creates overlapping sound waves.
  • The cleaners operate by transforming low-frequency AC current into 40 kHz high-frequency sound waves via a piezoelectric transducer.
  • The transducer creates sinusoidal waves, which in turn cause cavitation — the formation and violent collapse of minute vacuum bubbles in the solution.
  • These implosions thoroughly scrub every surface they contact, yet are not harsh on delicate items.
  • Four different models are available.