Burkert 8222Burkert has specially designed its compact 8222 conductivity transmitter, which consists of a cell and a temperature sensor molded in a sensor holder, for measuring the conductivity value of fluids. According to the company, the 8222 also grants:

  • The capability to convert the measured signal, display different values in different units (if the display is mounted) and compute the output signals, which are provided via 1 or 2 M12 fixed connectors.
  • Availability with 3 different cell constant C values — those with C = 0.01 or 0.1 are fitted with stainless steel electrodes and those with C = 1.0 are fitted with graphite electrodes.
  • The ability to upload information from 1 device and download it to multiple sensors as a result of the modular programmer.
  • Independent operation from the display, which is still required for programming the transmitter (i.e. selection of sensor cell constant, language, measuring range, engineering units, etc.), and continuously visualizing the measured and processed data.
  • Selection from 3 fully programmable outputs, including 2 transistors and one 2-wire 4- to 20-mA current outputs, or 4 fully programmable outputs, including 2 transistors and two 3-wire 4- to 20-mA current outputs.
  • An IP67 enclosure that contains the electronic module with a cover and removable display.