Dematic warehouse solutionsDematic introduces a set of warehouse solutions for high-density pallet storage, engineered to support production and distribution operations that need an effective way to receive, store and ship full or mixed case pallet loads. According to the company, these solutions are characterized by:

Deep Lane Pallet Storage on Floor with AGVs

  • Based on a fork style automatic guided vehicle (AGV) that is capable of automatically staging pallet loads on the warehouse floor, arranged in lanes, multiple pallets deep
  • The pallets can be stacked up to 24-feet high, in each deep lane
  • Features of the AGV include a periscope design and adjustable forks.  

Deep Lane Pallet Storage in Rack with AGVs

  • Consists of deep lane pallet storage in a rack structure with Dematic’s satellite shuttle device to index each pallet in the rack.
  • A fork style AGV transports pallets to the deep lane rack structure up to 40-foot clear height and deposits the load in the first rack position.
  • From there, the satellite shuttle device lifts, transports, and positions the pallet in the deep lane rack.

Deep Lane Pallet Storage in Rack with SRM

  • Utilizing Dematic’s shuttle device and software management, the deep land pallet storage rack with Dematic’s shuttle device to index each pallet in the rack can also be configured with storage and retrieval machine (SRM).
  • This solution, with dedicated SRMs in each aisle, improves the density and throughput.
  • Aisle widths can be minimized and the height of the rack structure can be increased to 110 feet.
  • The SRM accesses loads on both sides of the rack aisle structure using the deep lane shuttle.
  • Typical applications are 5 to 10 pallet levels high with multiple aisles of storage located in an existing conventional building or a rack supported structure.