TIA portalSiemens announces the latest version of the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) portal, which now gives users the ability to commission and configure Sinamics G120 drives using Sinamics Startdrive. According to the company:

  • As an engineering framework designed for maximum efficiency and ease of operation, it offers seamless integration of the drive system using Version 12 of Sinamics Startdrive. 
  • It allows users to quickly and easily configure Sinamics G120 drives from a single graphical user interface — the same applies to drive parameterization, which is easy-to-handle thanks to the use of graphical screens. 
  • The task-based sorting of drive functions reduces the start-up time for users as they are guided directly to functions via the specific task. 
  • As with the Simatic programmable logic controllers in TIA Portal, the Sinamics drive is also displayed as a station in the project navigator. 
  • Simotics motors can be easily integrated into the engineering framework via Sinamics Startdrive.
  • Efficient drive engineering in TIA Portal is possible thanks to the identical handling of controllers, human-machine interfaces and drives.
  • Communication settings are uniform for every device as a part of the integrated device and network configuration.
  • The uniform application engineering for controller and drive includes a guided configuration and parameterization of Sinamics drives and allows fast access from the Portal view.