100 Ton PinMount weigh moduleWeighing large tanks, vessels and silos presents safety challenges, and weigh modules can be difficult to install, which takes unnecessary time and adds costs. Mettler-Toledo has introduced a new 100 Ton PinMount™ weigh module that offers manufacturers an opportunity to easily and safely convert such structures into high-capacity scales, even in harsh environments and classified hazardous areas. The company says that the models:

  • Weigh from 7.5 to 100 tons.
  • Are easy to integrate onto existing structures and provide important SafeLock™ safety features, which make installation foolproof.
  • Offer features that simplify installation of tank, silo and conveyor scales, and can prevent accidents and ensure efficient installation.
  • Provide more uptime and therefore greater profit.    
  • Are not affected by lateral movement or thermal expansion because the design incorporates self-aligning rocker-style load cells.
  • Feature dual anti-lift devices and vertical downstops to prevent damage due to environmental forces and component failure, protecting profits and lives. 
  • Offer flexible placement, efficient mounting and calibration without weights, making installation of weigh modules to the large vessels safe, economical and easy.